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We have locked the door to the first “Escape Room” game in Istria – and opened the door to the first “Escape Castle” game in the world!

Now – instead of escaping from a room, you can escape from a castle! Visit the Escape Castle® Svetvinčenat, 20 km from Pula, where you can admire the history of the castle, the legends and try out seven knightly challenges!

The game is suitable for groups of 2 to 5 family or friends or even for team-building (more than one group can play at the same time). Fun 100% Guaranteed!

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Visit “Escape Room” Enigmarium® in Zagreb!

Instead of playing our “escape room” game in Pula, play one of our escape room games in the very centre of ZAGREB at Krvavi most 3. A 5D experience awaits you – excellent games that are completely immersed in the stories, legends and myths of the past. Come see for yourself why our visitors say that Enigmarium® in Zagreb is probably the best escape room game in Europe >> Trip Advisor

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Original concept, new puzzles, high tech gadgets and excellent game-play will keep you immersed in the story until the last minute! Entertainment 100% Guaranteed!

Meet Escape Room ENIGMARIUM®

In September 2014, the Escape Room Enigmarium® team was the first to start with this brand new entertainment and opened an escape room in Ljubljana. In less than five months, in February 2015 we became a tourist activity no. 1 in Ljubljana on TripAdvisor. Today our rooms have become one of the most sought after tourist attractions in every city were we have our games. Enigmarium® has 20+ unique games * and has become a trend-setter in the Alps Adriatic region.

Our literally most “cool” escape room – the first and only Escape Igloo® made from real snow at the Kranjska Gora ski resort, won the prestigious Snovalec 2015 Award from the Slovenian Ministry of Tourism. Enigmarium® is a pioneer in the field of museum and castle gamifications. We were the first to gamify Medieval Castle: Escape Castle Svetvincenat near Pula and a museum exhibit at the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana.


Escape Castle® Svetvinčenat

Svetvinčenat 47, 52342 Svetvinčenat
Telephone: +385 (0)52 384 318

Escape Room Enigmarium® Zagreb

Escape Room Enigmarium®
Krvavi most 3, Zagreb
Telephone: +385 (0)1 581 04 01

FAQ and Good things to know

Enigmarium® Zagreb is located in the very center of Zagreb, at Krvavi Most 3, only 3 minutes by foot from Ban Jelacic Square. If you come by car the nearest garage is in the Kaptol and Cascade Centers in Tkalčićeva street. A little further (9 mins walk) is the garage of Lang’s Square.

Escape Castle Svetvinčenat is located in the castle Morosini – Grimani, on the main square in Svetvinčenat.

Yes, you will. But don’t worry! If you need to leave the room before time is up, the Gamemaster, who is following what’s happening on hidden camera (not recorded, of course), can immediately open the door and let you out. However, that marks the end of the game. We have also installed an “SOS key” in our rooms. In the event of an emergency, you can unlock the doors yourself.
Throughout the game, the Gamemaster is following the activity in the command room via video camera (don’t worry, we’re not recording it!). If you get stuck and can’t figure out what to do next, the Gamemaster will give a hint in the form of a picture on the countdown screen. You can also even ask the Gamemaster for a hint using the Walkie-Talkie. Hints are a vital part of our game, since it’s obviously more fun if you solve as many puzzles as you can.
Our experience tells us that the best experience is if: two, three or four people play the game – because it is the best co-operation and communication dynamic – so we strongly recommend that, in the case of a 6-person group, we advise you to form two groups of three. You can also compete with each other. Our moderators can also help with the withdrawal of participants.
In exceptional cases, we can add another set of riddles to provide enough challenges for a group of 6 players, but this “extension” should be specially ordered at – an additional cost of 100 kuna (around 15€).
Bez brige, ovo nije test inteligencije već zabavni izazov logičkog zaključivanja, suradnje i malo vještina gdje su dovoljne i osnove osnovnoškolske matematike. Igra je prikladna za svakoga. Poznavanje stranih jezika nije potrebno.
This is an adventure that is fun for the entire family (or society). The youngest members of the family can help with opening up the locks and seeking for a hidden objects, for a truly fun gaming experience we recommend it for ages from nine to 99 years – as the skills of the younger generations are just as welcome as the experience and wisdom of the older ones, however the tasks are challenging, the things are fragile, a lot of patience and precision is needed, so children under 14 have to be accompanied with an adult (for instance: 2 adults / 3 kids).
Absolutely right! So that you can enjoy the game and so that your mobile telephone won’t interrupt the gameplay, we recommend that you lock it in the wardrobe that we have prepared for that purpose. (Of course, you can take the key to the wardrobe with you into the Escape Room.) We also kind ask that the solutions to the puzzles remain a secret. It certainly wouldn’t be cool if someone else told you the solutions in advance and spoilt the fun …
Just yourself – and good company. Everything you will need to solve puzzles you’ll find in the room. If you use reading glasses bring them with you.
You can play Escape Room Enigmarium® games in Slovenia (Ljubljana and Maribor) and Croatia (Zagreb and Svetivinčenat).
Escape Room Enigmarium® was founded by a group of enthusiasts who created more than 20+ original games in Slovenia, Italy and in Croatia. The basic and completely original concept of Escape Room Enigmarium® combines the same concept of the game, but every game is totally different, completely unique puzzles that are made in a different way. Each game is a unique and exciting experience. Escape Igloo® – Escape from Igloo – as a world novelty, has been awarded the prestigious Slovenian Innovation Award for Tourism in Snovalec 2015.
We’ll be pleased to assist you with that! Just send us an email message to or call us at +385 (0)1 581 04 01. We’ll prepare a preliminary invoice for you (60€ – 450 HRK), after we receive your payment we’ll send you an elegant certificate (for 2-5 players) with a unique code with which the recipient can make a booking using our online booking system.

Other locations

Zagreb (HR) – 2 rooms

We’ll take you back to the times when the people of Zagreb believed in witches! A successful and pretty young woman named Barica has been accused of witchcraft and her life is in danger. You will be sent back in time to help Barica prove her innocence and save her life­. Or escape from “Femme Fatale” room!


Murska Sobota (SLO)

After a successful academic career in Ljubljana, professor Professor Rufus Amadeus responded to a call for assistance from Murska Sobota. During renovations at the Hotel Diana, workers discovered an old sealed chamber filled with strange symbols and objects. From the moment the door was opened, very, very bizarre things began to happen to people…


Maribor (SLO) – 4 rooms

Take part in the Medieval story of Dr. Hannibal at Vetrinjska 8 and discover what kept the doctor alive while he helped patients survive the plague. Or escape from Omega Virus, Redlight Casino or Hostel Shining at Turnerjeva 17. Fun guaranteed!


Ljubljana (SLO) – 6 rooms

The biggest escape room centre in Alpe Adria region with six most popular rooms in Ljubljana: Professor’s Secret room, Salvation Room, Classroom of Doom, Luigi’s Kitchen, Artist Francesco and Escape Igloo®!


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